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I would love the opportunity to present at your next study club or dental meeting. I can present from 1 hour to a full day on the topics listed here and in my speaker's packet. Please contact me directly via email, phone or the form below with any questions. 

Phone:   219-789-2448 (cell) or 205-975-8302 (office)

Email:  nlawson@uab.edu

2019 Courses

Fri Sep 06

Fri Nov 01

Fri Dec 06

Fri Dec 15

American Dental Association

Virginia CW Seattle Study Club

Dental Influencer Alliance

San Francisco, CA

Fredericksburg, VA

Phoenix, AZ

Seattle, WA

2020 Courses

Fri Jan 10

Fri Feb 28

Sat Feb 22

Sat Mar 14

Fri May 01

Fri May 08

Thu May 14

Fri Jun 5

Thu Jun 18

Fri Jul 17

Fri July 31

Fri Aug 21

Thu Sep 10

Fri Oct 16

Fri Oct 23

Fri Nov 06

Wed Nov 18

Fri Nov 28

Fri Dec 5

Fri Dec 11

LMT Lab Day

Dental Care Alliance

Mobile Area Dental Society

Vancouver Seattle Study Club

CDA Anaheim

New York County Dental Society

Northern Lights Symposium


CDE World

Southwest Dental Conference

CDA San Francisco

Houston Seattle Study Club

UNC Study Club

Meridian Area Dental Society

New Orleans Study Club

Greater New York Dental Meeting

Kuraray Symposium

Brazilian Dental Conference

Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL

Chicago, IL

Miramar, FL

Mobile, AL

Vancouver, BC

Anaheim, CA

New York, NY

Toronto, ON

Atlanta, GA

Sacramento, CA

Dallas, TX

San Francisco, CA

Houston, TX

Chapel Hill, NC

Meridian, MS

New Orleans, LA

New York, NY

New Orleans, LA


2021 Courses

Sat Apr 17

Thu May 13

GC Symposium

CDA Anaheim

Tokyo, Japan

Anaheim, CA

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